Jamie Balfour

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Warcraft III

This section, Warcraft III, will be my section dedicated to Warcraft III. Although it is now a ten-year-plus old game, my brother and I still very much enjoy building models, maps and textures for the game, and even still enjoy playing it.

The maps, models and textures may have copyrights, but I only specify them within the maps. However, if there is a copyright model or texture that someone else owns, please contact me immediately and we can get this changed. My maps which are uploaded may not be available when you come to download them, but I will also be including information on my upcoming maps.

I've recently put up my Spellcraft Spell tool. This is a JavaScript application that can turn Spellcraft elements into spells. Take a look to understand it's purpose.

I have also begun work on a new project in Warcraft III known as Heroes of Dalaran. You can read more about it here.