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ClickItThe easy-to-use drag-and-drop HTML editor

ClickItThe easy-to-use drag-and-drop HTML editor

The start of 2023 was an incredible time for ClickIt - I finally got round to developing my parser and compiler package known as LightningJS which improves ClickIt performance and allows the reading of existing HTML pages into ClickIt. But it's not stopping there.

Over the next few weeks I plan to add more and more features to ClickIt v3. They are listed as below (note these are not guaranteed to be added):

  • Tabbed interface
    Moving the code preview to a tabbed interface with the blocks. Done on 16-02-2023
  • Pasting
    Allowing pasting of code directly into ClickIt Done on 16-02-2023
  • Custom attributes
    Allowing the creation of custom attributes
  • My own custom tutorial engine, similar to Joyride
    Since 2015, ClickIt has been using ZURB's Joyride library. As someone who is keen to have complete control over everything in a project, I plan to replace this with my own.
  • Editing as HTML
    With this feature, users will be able to edit HTML and ClickIt will recompile it
  • Full screen preview
    Full screen previews of the finished webpage
  • Assets
    Allowing images and CSS files to be attached and used easily Done on 18-02-2023
  • Cloud storage
    Like ZPE Online, an offer for storing on a database Done on 18-02-2023
  • Embeddable ClickIt pages
    This feature would allow ClickIt blocks to be embedded into other webpages very easily Done on 19-02-2023