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Part 2.3Comments in YASS

Part 2.3Comments in YASS

Commenting is a major part of making code easier to understand. ZPE/YASS features two types of comments that help make code easier to read back.

What comments are

A comment is a piece of text that is used to describe or document a piece of code. Almost every language out there features at least one type of commenting style. Most languages feature multiple commenting styles and in YASS these commenting styles are multi-line and single line. 

A single line comment can be anywhere on a line but anything on the line following will be part of the comment. A multi-line comment is one which spans multiple lines and is terminated with a multi-line comment termination sequence.

The following sample demonstrates these comment types:

//Single line comment
print("Hello world") //Comment at end of line
/*This is a multi-line comment
This is still part of the multi-line comment
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