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ZPE 1.12.3 and LAME X2 official release!

ZPE 1.12.3 and LAME X2 official release!

Finally, ZPE 1.12.3 has been released!

ZPE 1.12.3 is a significant update because it dramatically changes how LAME evaluation is carried out on mathematical expressions. It switches to a new method of parsing mathematical expressions, making them up to 4 times more memory efficient. To explain this, I have bulleted the different areas of improvement:

  1. It no longer modifies IASTs
  2. As a result of the previous change, it now no longer copies IASTs before attempting to parse them, making it both faster and memory-efficient
  3. It parses BODMAS statements in one single pass rather than performing four passes on a statement.
  4. It separates logical expressions and mathematical expressions further, making both faster.

As I have said, this is a significant update for ZPE that flushes out some of the bad things about the first LAME.

LAME X2 closes the bridge even further between ZPE Native and ZPE Java, as it brings in further optimisations that improve performance to a native level.

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