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ZPE 1.10.2

ZPE 1.10.2

In the ever-changing environment that is tech, ZPE needs to change to keep up with the developments in Java.

Recently I announced ZPE would move to use GraalVM instead of the JVM so that it can run much faster. Performance tests showed huge increases in performance, but it came with an issue - the editor no longer worked. So I moved back to the JVM, but it wasn't long before the JDK stopped bundling JavaFX which the editor is built with. This means bundling JavaFX JARs with ZPE, making it 10x larger than it currently is. The result of this is that I have decided to split the runtime from the editor and over the next few months the editor will be removed (again) and separated. 

I will look to build a simple Swing-based editor in the package to allow for continuity in the package. I will also be looking to move the JavaFX editor to a separate package that I will add to GitHub.


I spent a good five or six hours rebuilding the editor using Swing and it looks so much better on my Mac already! Every feature from the JavaFX editor has been brought to the Swing editor already and ZPE 1.10.2 will be out this evening! 

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