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The biggest small change in 2 years

I don't often post now about updating my website but as this is the first real change to my website since I designed the HTML structure of the page in November 2012 in version 2.0 of my website I am putting it up so I can remember this day.

You may know that my website is built with a structure that keeps the content and sidebar separate. This structure has followed the following pattern (each of these are IDs to divs on the page):

html > body > #container > #page > #main_content > #textZone > article > *

Where the * represents all of the content of the page. Now I have decided to drop #textZone and #main_content is now just #content:

html > body > #container > #page > #content > article > *

This shorter name reduces the size of the CSS file by ~120 bytes and reduces the JavaScript file by ~100 bytes. It also reduces the number of elements on the display. 


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