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Site changes

Site changes

Some users of my website will notice that there has been a minor update to my website, bringing the version number up to version 4.3. 

The update to version 4.3 brings a new font, the Oswald font, mainly being used for titles. It also fixes an issue that hasn't really been addressed on the web with text with background clipping when the text reaches the next line - it does this by splitting the text by spaces into inline spans with a 'glowing' background. Please have a look at my title to see what I mean. 

This is the first change in a long time, probably some 4 years as Quicksand has been used almost everywhere. For fans of Quicksand like me, please do not fret, it's not going anywhere! 

Next font size, I'm taking the font size back down to 16px instead of 17px. I had this like this for a good few years but in recent years I moved away from the agreed standard size of 16px up to 17px. 

Some of these new changes actually also affect the slides hosted on my website as well. 

A few improvements have been made over the last few weeks in DragonScript as well. This should make the website smoother than before.

Otherwise, the rest of the website remains the same.

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