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My website over 2015

2015 is almost at an end. I'm now going to take a few moments to reflect on my website

Thank you for your continued support to my website and me in general! 2015 has been a big year for my website. It started off with me introducing DragonScript, a fast loading PHP script designed to make building my website easier. Indeed it does, and my website hasn't changed too much over the year either. 

Some things have gone through a few transformations however. One of those is the sidebar, which looks great now. Small things like the footer joining in to the site links box also make subtle, nice changes to the website.

I also introduced a singular flatter theme to my website, reduced the number of different colours on the website down to 12 from 23 and focused more on the often neglected desktop section of the website. 

I now ask a small favour of anyone reading this post. 2016 is the year the website needs renewed. If you like my website, I ask you to support me and my pledge with just £10. This would go a long way since it's expensive to host a website that brings in no money. 

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