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My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, the console Nintendo could not afford to go wrong with, especially after learning that the hard way with the Wii U's failure. 

However, I believe Nintendo may go wrong again, and I'm disappointed to see my childhood gaming company make the error again.

If you haven't already heard about the Switch, head on across to Trusted Reviews to see all the information about it.

A lot was good:

  • The portability is awesome. I love the fact that I take home my games console and plug it into my TV then take it with me for the bus. 
  • It's Nintendo, which means some of the most awesome games will come to it
  • It's going to support Unreal Engine 4 - that's pretty demanding.
  • It's so flexible! I also love the fact that you can disconnect controllers and change things around so much.
  • Nintendo will final comply with standards and I will be able to use the USB Type C connector for my laptop to charge it

I will summarise what's wrong with it, and this is my opinion:

  • Underpowered. We have seen devices like the new Razer Blade Stealth (amongst many others) adding PCI-Express graphics cards to laptops when they are docked via Thunderbolt. Nintendo could surely have looked into this and made the Switch a 4K gaming experience when it's in the dock and then used a smaller less capable and yet more power efficient graphics chip when it's out and about, couldn't they?
  • Overpowered. Seems like a contradiction but I wanted to put that there because the Switch seems to suffer from the same problem that the Wii U Gamepad did. Battery life. How on earth can the Wii U Gamepad only last on battery for three hours when an iPad or even an iPhone can last for up to ten?! The thing only receives a wireless signal with a picture to display and the audio to play with it (as well as act as a controller). And what's worse is the low resolution (especially compared to tablets of today) of the Gamepad. Well, the same is said about the Switch which can last 6 and 1/2 hours playing games, except that it ranges from just two hours with games like Zelda only achieving about that. THAT'S IT?!
  • Storage, or the lack of. 32GB of storage is still the best option for 2017?! And knowing Nintendo, it will use eMMC memory which will make it a slow 32GB of storage.  
  • The price, at £300 I would expect a bit more, especially saying as you can get something like an iPad or Xbox One for just a little more, even if they haven't got Mario and Zelda on them.

Feel free to criticise my opinion and write your thoughts below.

Posted by jamiebalfour04 in Gaming

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