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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

So many new improvements due to switching IDE. After 12 years of using Eclipse, I have finally moved to IntelliJ again. This has meant new things for ZPE, for example, little artefacts such as if statements I hadn't noticed were redundant due to code changes surrounding them were wasting resources. IntelliJ notices these and suggests how to improve the code. I have implemented a lot of changes due to this.

Also thanks to IntelliJ I have now started to host ZPE on a private GitHub repository. This has meant change tracking is even easier than it was before. It also means I don't rely on Dropbox Rewind anymore. Further to this, ZPE now has proper build numbers that automatically update each time I build ZPE. I really like this because it goes back to the way ZPE was back in the olden days with version 1.3 up to 1.5.

ZPE has had some major new features that don't just relate to performance too including the new unbound variable declaration, the new empty expression and the new compiler directives feature. Further to this, to make the development of other subset editors of ZPE (such as that found in the SQARL editor I have recently made) easier and faster, the new CodeEditorView component makes it easier to embed line numbering and syntax highlighting in any program. For those who haven't seen my SQARL editor, it simply parses SQARL into YASS which is passed to ZPE for parsing, compilation and passed through the runtime.

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