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I've been working even more on ClickIt than I imagined I would be over the last few days. Today's update is a big one (again).

The old system of dragging files onto the Open item on the ribbon has been replaced by a new dialog interface that allows users to browse their computer or use drag and drop. It's much easier to understand and I'm thrilled with it. 

Extending on this feature is the new paste feature which allows copying HTML code and pasting it straight into the editor which will be compiled into HTML blocks, taking advantage of LightningJS.

Another major update that's new is more of a fix. This fix is for code blocks with attributes longer than the width of the code area. Now instead of pushing itself to the following line, the line extends horizontally. It's much more intuitive and as I say it's what I always wanted.

Another major fix was the printing of code feature. Printing has at last been fixed to display code as it is with spaces and so on. 

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