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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

DASH 2.0 has been my main project for a good few weeks and has helped me recover mentally by allowing me to use my brainpower over and over. It's helped me with getting back into programming as well as helped me get my typing skills back to normal and has generally helped with the brain fog I have had over the last few weeks.

DASH 2.0 is a big update to my old Dash project, and whilst the majority of updates as of recent have maintained compatibility, this latest update I have made breaks compatibility with Dash 1.0. 

For starters, content posts no longer include separate scripts. This is due to the fact that the new version of TINY MCE that is used with DASH 2.0 allows scripts to be included in the content. This is great news but will require the `scripts` column to be removed from all posts tables in current Dash 1.0 implementations. Further to this, the `category` and `poster` fields are no longer textual fields but are now integers representing the `category_id` and `user_id` fields respectively. 

Secondly, the users tables should have their `details` and `preferences` columns removed as these are no longer needed. 

Those are the main changes but they are worth it. Because of the new way that DASH 2.0 has been designed with a much more object-oriented design, implementing new features is really easy. More features will continue to come to DASH as time goes on so stay tuned.

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