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Jamie Balfour'sPersonal blog

Working on many projects at once means you get genius ideas every day! Today's post is about the genius idea that came to BalfBar today.

When I say genius, it was actually inspired by my main competition, jQuery SmartMenus. However, my own ideas were used to actually make BalfBar work the way I want it to.

What happened was that I finally got round to adding scrollable menus to BalfBar. In some ways it's pretty sad when layout needs to be done using JavaScript, and I'm more a fan of green code over yellow code (CSS vs JS for those who don't know my naming for CSS and JS). However, the layout is instant, and even on older computers running on older versions of Google Chrome it still runs perfectly fine. My main concern for BalfBar is the amount of work being done in the JavaScript so I am working on removing more of the older features found from earlier versions and working to improve performance and reduce memory overheads generated. 

Scrolling is managed by binding the scrollwheel and some clever stuff to do with absolute position and calculating the distance to the top versus the height of the dropdown. I've also removed the fixed positioning on menu items since there was no need once I figured this out, were are back to absolute positioning (which is great because it works well on all browsers when zoomed).

I believe this concludes all of the main features I wanted in BalfBar and in a way, brings this project to an end, or at least a feature end. Bugs can still be reported to me as usual. 

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