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In the next few weeks, I will be likely dropping BlackBook, Data Project, Record Checker, Slide Away, SmartSocial and Wonderword from my website and from production after years of work. BlackRabbit Script has also since been replaced by ZenLang and the Zenith Parsing Engine (ZPE).

The decision has come after I looked at the lack of competitive features they have. All of them are still included in the BBCL library that will still receive updates (I do realise it has now been downloaded some 800+ times since I put it up two years ago and that people are actually using some of its functionalities). 

The core focus of my software portfolio will now be on Cobweb Internet Browser, Painter Pro, core plugins for the software and my ZPE. However, I may decide in the future that I may stop working on Cobweb and Painter Pro eventually, and I can see that happening as development has slowed quite a lot.

I may also choose to drop the name Elements from the software. All older software will be found under Software > More. 

I will be looking into the new C# to attempt to make the BBCL multi-platform.

On the topic of ZPE, it has now made it to version 1.3.4 which brings a lot of new features including nested functions, standard errors, when statements (equivalent to switch/case statements), for loops and more. Please check it out! Please note as it is already receiving a lot of attention it may take a few days for me to reply to emails about it!

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