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I've been really focusing entirely on Dash and neglecting the other project I care about and letting ZPE receive no major updates since January. Well that's really because ZPE is pretty good as it is, but it's also because I've been busy with work and with Dash as of recent.

But ZPE 1.6.1 is now available to download from my Download Center. It brings a few major fixes as well as a few new built in functionalities. On top of that, the stdLib has been recompiled, so the ZULE repo only contains the version 1.6.1 version (of course, you can recompile the source code for old versions of ZPE, almost all of which have been made available through the Download Center on my website).

The most crucial bug fix in 1.6.1 is the way in which values are compared. For instance, in version 1.5.x and 1.6.0 there was a glitch with comparison so:

1 + "1" = true

In version 1.6.1:

1 + "1" = false

This is essential for direct comparison. As well as this, assuming $x is undefined, in version 1.5.x and 1.6.0:

$x == "!undefined" = true

But as of version 1.6.1:

$x == "!undefined" = false

One should be careful when testing for undefined values by using the is_set method.

A new name

Finally, after 3 and a bit years of development, ZPE is getting a new name. It's a big change and I've decided to rename it from the Zenith Parsing Engine to:

ZPE Programing Environment

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