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Over the last few years, the landscape for our business has been heavily changed by the outbreak of COVID-19. Jambour Digital has had to adapt quite a bit to both continue to grow and to retain existing clients. We've supported our existing clients by offering them both financial support and extra features. But as we move back to something a bit like normality, how do we plan to expand Jambour Digital?

Challenges faced

Over the last year or so, we've faced a tremendous amount of challenges within the business, ranging from not being able to see new clients, to not being able to meet with our existing clients. All of this makes development much trickier. Further to this, we've encountered that a lot of our clients themselves are so busy that things like updating a website or even simply checking out a new feature on a website is becoming a difficult task to fit into their schedules.

Leading us back to normal

As the leading managing director of Jambour Digital, I have overseen all plans to support the business out of this difficult time and to support our clients in doing so. 

We have adopted a new member of the company on contract, Kyle, who works with us when we need him. This will help me focus on the business side of the company alongside my brother and my mother who are the other managing directors of the company. 

We plan to take things one step at a time to minimise risk and to ensure a safe return to normal. 

We understand our clients who hopefully understand that the most important thing here is safety. 

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