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My smart home setup
07 Apr 2020 / Technology
Something that has interested me since it's conception in around about 2006 was the concept of what is now known as the smart home - it's always been something I've dreamt about. 
How did serial take over from parallel?
03 Jan 2020 / Technology
In this post I am discussing how serial communication overtook parallel communication as the main method of communication in computer systems.
How did serial take over from parallel?
A look at the last decade of gaming
31 Dec 2019 / Technology
This is my top ten games of the last decade.
Developing rich syntaxes for easy to learn coding
11 Oct 2019 / Technology
Some languages really have easy to read and write syntaxes, whereas others sacrifice this for structure. What about the combination of both?
A look at a new CSS feature (May 2019)
23 May 2019 / The Web
Here's a look at one of the new features to CSS as of May 2019
The Apple keyboard problem
10 May 2019 / Technology
Apple has a problem. I think it's time they addressed this.
The Right To Repair (and why it matters)
24 Apr 2019 / Technology
Being able to repair your own technology is great for someone like me. But a world without the ability to do this is becoming the norm.
Effective formative assessment
21 Jan 2019 / Education
What constitutes effective formative assessment? In this article I look into what I understand effective formative assessment to look like.
How did AMD manage to make Threadripper so powerful?!
07 Jan 2019 / Technology
AMD's Threadripper is a beast. But how can it have 64 cores in a world where 4 cores is the norm?!
Phones in schools
04 Jan 2019 / Education
There is a big issue with the use of phones in schools. This article explores this issue and why it is such a problem.