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Descendant selector

In the article in this tutorial on Classes, IDs and tag CSS, selectors were introduced. This article introduced three methods of selection and their CSS code:

	/*Tag selector*/
	/*Class selector*/
	/*ID selector*/

These three different options for selecting elements in HTML using CSS are limited however. They give no way of selecting the children of these elements, for instance.

CSS defines a range of more advanced selectors which the next few articles will describe.

Descendant selector

The descendant selector is used to select any descendant (child, grandchild, great-grandchild and so on) of an element.

The descendant selector is very broad and can be used for instance so that different lists display differently. The following sample shows this:

.special-list li{
	font-weight: bold;
<ul class="special-list">
	<li>This is the first element of the list</li>
	<li>This is the second element of the list</li>
	<li>This is a nested list
			<li>This is a nested element</li>
  • This is the first element of the list
  • This is the second element of the list
  • This is a nested list
    • This is a nested element
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