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BalfDriveA powerful & lightweight file management system

BalfDriveA powerful & lightweight file management system

BalfDrive is coming early 2023

BalfDrive actually already exists and I use it regularly, but unfortunately it's original design meant that it was for my own use only.

As my website expanded, I began using a crude version of BalfDrive for my Tutoring Portal but it was never maintained and never kept up to date with my actual drive.

The technology that powers BalfDrive already exists and it should hopefully be a case of simply copying and rebuilding it from what exists already.

What is BalfDrive?

BalfDrive is not a term that is used to relate to my drive to do anything but simply a new content manager for websites. I use mine to manage many things on my website such as my slideshows, assets for my blog, articles, reviews and manage my Download Center, ZULE, my courses and my photo gallery.

The logo, with it's many colours, is representative of it's platform independence.

BalfDrive as of December 2021

BalfDrive as of December 2021