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Part 2.1An introduction to Java programming

Part 2.1An introduction to Java programming

Java is a powerful programming language that excels as systems programming language.

Java is not unique in the sense it uses a virtual machine to power it underneath, but it was one of the first to use this idea. The Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, is one of the most crucial reasons for using the Java programming language due to the fact it makes the language cross platform.

Java possesses the ability to interface with certain lower-level aspects of its operating environment. However, the intrinsic architecture of the JVM introduces a layer of robust security protocols. This strategic blend of controlled system access and vigilant security measures renders Java an exceptionally secure programming language, renowned for its comprehensive security features. Its meticulous design balances direct system interaction with a fortified execution environment, thereby establishing Java as a paragon of secure software development.

This course will discuss Java and how to use it, giving you a basic understanding of what is needed to use the language to a semi-professional level. Note, this is not a programming manual and only covers a specific scope of the Java programming language. The course may be updated at any time.

Getting started

For this course, you will be expected to have Java 17 or later, although, strictly speaking, the majority of the code here will work on much earlier versions too.

First you will the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and the JDK (Java Development Kit).

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