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The last things I did in 2021

Once again, another tradition I have been doing, looking at the last things I have done in the year.

Last meal I ate: Gourmet Garden vegan burger

Last thing I had to drink with a meal: Coca Cola

Last place I went out to eat: The Goblin Ha'

Last film I watched: Iron Man 3

Last game I played: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Nintendo Switch)

Last song I listened to: Feliz Navidad

Last person I have sent a text to: Michele

Last friend I have spoken to in person: Louise

Last TV programme I have watched: BBC News (I don't watch TV, and I only saw this in the hospital the other day)

Last major purchase for myself: My new Ring Alarm system

Although 2021 was largely shadowed by COVID-19 and I ended up hospitalised for a while, it was a good year for me with me finally moving into my own house.


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