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The last things I did in 2014

So 2014 has almost come to an end, and with that I've just done another of my summaries of the last things I did in the year.

Last meal I ate: Baked potato with cheese

Last thing I had to drink with a meal: Coke Life

Last place I went out to eat or drink: Goblin Ha'

Last film I watched: James Bond - Goldfinger

Last game I played: Pokemon Omega Ruby

Last song I listened to: In Dulce Jubilo - Mike Oldfield

Last person I have sent a text to: Daniel Graham

Last friend I have spoken to in person: Daniel Graham

Last TV programme I have watched: EastEnders

Last major purchase for myself: Mac mini 2012

2014 to me was not a very good year, university has been tougher than ever and my depression has managed to seep back into my life. As well as this, I lost the wonderful little Petro, who I still miss dearly. On the brighter side, we now have another rabbit - Sweep, who is turning out to be a lovely rabbit too. We also now have a hamster - Henry, who is also a lovely little fella. 

On the website front, this site has been finished for months and was officially released as version 3.5 in May this year - the finalised design of the site. Since then only minor tweaks have been applied to the site.


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