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The best things about Smash Bros Wii U!

Recently, the 50 things you should see that are coming to Super Smash Bros Wii U was released. 

I think the best couple of things to come to the game include:

  • 6 and 8 player Smash! Play with up to 8 players in one match.
  • Parallel stages or dual-plane stages. These are stages with multiple planes in them meaning that two kinds of battle can take place on the stage.
  • The stage builder. This looks awesome. Draw using the Wii U tablet to create the stage, giving more flexibility.
  • Bigger stages - Palutena's Temple looks awesome! 
  • Danger Zones - this damages you or KO you if your damage is higher than 100%.
  • The Great Cave Offensive - from Kirby, it looks really good.

The stage builder

Jungle Hijinx is a two plane stage.

Notes about controllers when playing 8-Player Smash:

  • Wii U GamePad (Max 1)
  • Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus* (Max 7)
  • Wii U Pro Controller (Max 7)
  • Nintendo GameCube controller** (Max 8)
  • Nintendo 3DS series system*** (Max 8)

* Includes expansion controllers (such as the Nunchuk or Classic Controller Pro).
** Two GameCube Controller Adapters for Wii U accessories are required to connect eight GameCube controllers (each sold separately)
*** In order to use a Nintendo 3DS as a controller, each Nintendo 3DS system must have Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

There is so much more, but I wanted to highlight the best things here. You can watch the whole video here.

Posted by jamiebalfour04 in Gaming
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