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I am now completely on DASH 2.0

Over the last few days my main project to keep me occupied during my recovery has been DASH 2.0. This has been a momentous task to redevelop. I say this because DASH 2.0 is almost identical to Dash 1.x in appearance, and yet massively different underneath. And yet whilst this is true, the whole codebase has been almost entirely rewritten to take advantage of the new object-oriented design.

By moving from the static and singleton design patterns implemented within Dash 1.x, DASH 2.0 make multiple content management systems in one much easier. On my website, I have a single preferences PHP file that I store in the root of my server. DASH connects to this to obtain the appropriate information, allowing it the user to select between four different zones on my website - that is, my blog, reviews, articles and my test blog (which is now on DASH 2.0).

Much like my website DASH 2.0 now moves to the Quicksand font.

Powered by DASH 2.0 (beta)
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