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Features still needed to make BalfBlog 2.4 complete...

So BalfBlog 2.4 is nearly ready for a late July release.

However, several features are still to be added as absolute essentials.

  • All the way in version 2.4, the delete user functionality is not ideal. This really needs to be fixed. I will work on this again tonight and tomorrow and improve it.
  • Ajax functionality stopped working for the front end when I updated the system to version 2.4.
  • Themes have been a much requested feature but will not be a focus of 2.4, so might not make it into this release.
  • CKEditor is not confirmed to work any longer. I will work on fixing this for the release date, but may remove it in the meantime.
  • Users are supposed to be able to store notes, this has been underway for the last few days and I will be including this in the release.
  • The whole data file needs a complete redesign now that I am using an object oriented methodology for the back end.
  • Finally, I want to have an introduction help page to help new users understand BalfBlog's back end.

These features will soon appear in the changelog, so keep an eye on it and soon enough you'll be able to use them too.

I will also need to rewrite the main post query system. This is a huge priority.
Posted by jamiebalfour04 in BalfBlog

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