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Deeper cloud integration with ZPE 1.11.7

Deeper cloud integration with ZPE 1.11.7

ZPE Online is the cloud service for ZPE that runs via my own website. Users rarely have to interact with it from my website and I intend to keep it that way. ZPE Online already allows users to save their code online - one of the most significant breakthroughs with ZPE since its inception. But cloud variables, which will be known as ZPE Online Variables on release, are only a short while away. In fact, they are partially implemented in ZPE as of now.

This is how they work:

  • A user creates a variable online (only the original creator can then change the value)
  • A user subscribes to the variable by selecting it from online (they are then periodically checked against the online version to check for changes)
  • A user then uses the variables, which for quick access, are read from their local machine rather than online. If a user runs a program which contains a reference to an online variable that they do not have, they will be asked if they wish to download the variable. 

ZPE will also contain a new security feature which will ensure that the user does not download a variable that could exploit their system. Further to this, cloud variables will only be able to store ZPE primitive types excluding records and objects.

ZPE 1.11.7 also intends to improve the performance of ZPE a bit further as well.

This is all planned for July's release.

zpe 1.11
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