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ClickIt v3

The next generation of ClickIt is live! ClickIt 3.0 is a huge improvement over previous versions.

With version 3 you can now import existing HTML pages and the new LightningJS parser and compiler will transform it to an AST. ClickIt can then transform this AST into ClickIt blocks, attributes and all. 

There is scope for further improvement which I will be looking to bring over the next few days or so as well.

With this update, ClickIt is back as a major project for me and it now gets a separate page on my website as well as a menu item! 

I am committed to improving ClickIt now that I have spent more time with it recently and I am looking to introduce cloud storage to it, as well as the ability to add project assets. I'm also ironing out issues as they happen for the first time. More HTML elements will continue to be added as I find the time to do so.

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