Apple are beginning to suck.

As a relatively long-term Mac user, and once (from about 2013 to 2021) an Apple Everything supporter, I am now trying to redirect myself the opposite way. 

In short, Apple is beginning to suck. 

Since replacing my MacBook Pro with a Windows machine I have found it very hard to move entirely from macOS to Windows. Bear in mind, when I first got a Mac back in 2009, I ran Windows on it as I wouldn't say I liked the software but loved the hardware. Fast forward to 2013 and my attitude shifted when I only used Mac OS X and didn't use Windows except for playing the odd game. 

In 2022, I began to transition away from Macs, but it's not been easy. macOS is a lovely operating system, nicer than Windows by a country mile. But still, Apple's lack of repairability made my transition away easy, because the environment is more important than a Mac.

Their latest Mac Pro is an absolute disgrace - it's a large machine which hasn't changed in terms of design since Intel, despite the fact it should have. And I say that because the air cooling in the system is much more than necessary. This means that not only has Apple been lazy in terms of design, but it also means that the Mac Studio is actually a better buy for most people. The only difference is those PCI-E slots in the Pro, yet in theory several of those could be integrated using Thunderbolt anyway (though of course, not all). 

Whilst I keep saying I'm transitioning from Macs, I still find it hard to not pick up my MacBook or use my Mac Mini so I'll be getting a Studio or Mini as my next Mac in the house (mid-next year though).

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