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A new year and maybe a new career path

The last year was quite rough for me towards the end. After getting COVID in August, all I felt throughout the end of the year was regret for not taking the job I was offered during the summer (which was better paid, remote and was a lead developer job).

Teaching was great fun last year but unfortunately, it hasn't been an easy ride this year due to me having had COVID. The decision may end up being for me to leave the profession (maybe not permanently, as I may return when I'm older) which is one of the hardest decisions I have to make. But it's made easier due to the current climate but it is also difficult since I've really enjoyed being a teacher and because I also need to think about my finances. 

I'm now thinking about jobs in the industry again, this time with a much more mature set of skills, a much brighter outlook on the industry (mainly because I've done teaching now, as it was difficult back in 2016/17 because I was too passionate about wanting to be a teacher that I couldn't just enjoy what I was doing) and with a more specific requirement from the job. 

I just feel that right now I'm crying out for something that involves using my coding skills.

Posted by jamiebalfour04 in Life

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