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What is wrong with Firefox?!

What is wrong with Firefox?!


When I first used Firefox over 10 years ago when I ran SUSE Linux 7.2 on my computer for the first time, I found that alternative to Internet Explorer again - the ideal replacement for my Netscape browser that I used before. It slowly became my favourite browser and in 2011 became my main browser alongside Safari on my Mac.

Those days are now gone. Firefox has upset me a greatly from the recent problems I have noticed with it.

A bit of Firefox history

When I was young, my main browser was Internet Explorer. I moved to Netscape for a while between about 1999 and 2001 since it was considered 'more powerful' at the time.

I moved back to Internet Explorer in version 5 with the release of Windows ME. I had ME up to about 2003 where I moved to Internet Explorer 6.

Things changed when I moved to Linux for the first time in 2005 and remained there until 2007 (dual booted with Windows XP). I used SUSE Linux 7.2 first but moved to version 9 within a year or so of use of 7.2. When I used Linux for the first time, I realised there was a lack of browsers. I found this browser called Firefox and because of it's swish name I fell for it.

The problems

Firefox is the problem!

But why? Firefox for years has lead the way with the web and web standards, so why all of a sudden is it that I have problems with web standards?

For some reason, Firefox seems to lack support for so many things including the one that really upsets me, the D3 event. I noticed this when working on a university coursework and it's particularly annoying since all other browsers support this. Dropping Firefox is not a solution, since like my website and all other projects, platform independence is essential - it must work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it must work on all major browsers: Internet Explorer included. This means it must work on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Apple Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox also has problems with rendering fonts, which seems to be only on a Mac since all fonts look awful on a PC anyway.

I just do not understand why Firefox, the browser that evolved from Netscape, the browser which first featured JavaScript, has such bad support for things like the D3 library.

I have noticed that a lot of these problems are reported on Mozilla's bug reports and they are to be fixed, so that's good news, but unfortunately just too late for me, since I have switched to Microsoft's new Edge browser on my Windows computers since it finally complies with the majority of web standards.

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