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Current design trends

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the basic idea of a design trend

  • Understand why trends are important

Success Criteria

  • I can explain how HTML, CSS and JavaScript are needed to build a webpage
  • I can write HTML tags such as the paragraph, image, link and break

What is a trend?

  • A design trend is something that is used on websites across the world, and not limited to one or two. 
  • Design trends are important these days because of companies like Apple and Google, who have their own design languages.
  • As a website designer, you will have to follow these trends to ensure that the website stays relevant.

Examples of trends

  • These days, the most common trends in web development include:
    • Responsive design
    • Dark mode
    • Mobile-first designs
    • Gradient based designs
    • Rounded designs

Trends come and go

  • In about 2012, Apple's design language changed and the idea of using curves on a website had become something of the past.
  • Shortly after that, curves were slowly starting to reappear all across the web and in user interfaces.
  • Gradients across websites are exactly the same - they were there for so long and then gone again shortly after.

Skeuomorphism and flat design

  • Again, a trend set by Apple was that of the flat design. First implemented in iOS 7, the flat design took away from the design style that had been in place since Windows 3.1 - almost 20 years before!

Answer the following questions:

  1. Why are design trends important when building a website?
  2. State one design trend used today


Complete the worksheet on Current Trends.


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