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Computer Animation

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the difference between an animation and a graphic

  • Understand animation concepts and the link to computer graphics

  • Understand the terms keyframes, tweening and stop frame

Success Criteria

  • I can explain what an animation is, and how it is different to computer graphics, as well as what software is used to create one
  • I can explain the terms keyframe, tweening, stop frame.

Computer Animation

  • Computer animations are a very large part of what computers are used for today. 
  • The film industry relies heavily on computer generated images (CGI), all of which use animation elements within them.
  • Computer graphics has, like many areas of computer development, grown and improved over the years to the point where it has become accessible to everyone.

Graphics design

  • Graphics design is the first stage of development and starts with a concept.
  • In this stage, much like building a mockup website, several designers produce their own ideas writing them on paper and then suggesting them to other designers. The process needs to be completely individual so that the ideas are their own and no one else's’ designs.

Types of animation

  • There are two major kinds of animation:
    • Stop frame animation
    • Keyframe animation

Stop frame animation

  • Stop frame animation means recording each and every individual frame one by one.
  • On modern displays, a minimum of 24 frames per second is what is required, but most stop frame animations achieve around about 30 frames or more
  • Every time a subtle movement is required, the camera needs to capture another frame. 

Stop frame animation - Wallace & Gromit

Stop frame animation - disadvantages

When compared with keyframe animation, stop frame animation is:

  • Now considered old practice
  • Tedious as you need to create each frame so it takes longer to make
  • Easy to make mistakes with it
  • Requires a lot more skill and patience

Keyframe animation

  • Keyframe animation is now the norm. 
  • Keyframe animation calculates all the frames in between two frames. The two frames on either side are called the keyframes. 
  • You will find many YouTubers, such as Tom Scott, use animations to reinforce what they are saying in videos. They will likely use keyframe animation to reduce their workflow rather than creating each frame individually. 

Keyframe animation - Tom Scott

Keyframe animation

Keyframe animation - example

Keyframe animation - example

  • In this lesson you will be animating your own dog that you made previously.
  • Use the instructions on how to do this using keyframe animation. 


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Computer Animation
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