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website structure

Learning Intentions

  • Understand how websites are structured and how important this is

Success Criteria

  • I can layout a website using a navigation diagram

Website structure

  • A website is a collection of webpages linked together using hyperlinks.
  • Websites need to be planned before they are created and often the planning is down to what goes where.
  • A website may consist of many folders (directories) that allow the site to be organised. This is called the information architecture.


  • All websites feature a sitemap that allows users to easily navigate the website. 
  • The sitemap (often located at sitemap.xml on the website) will often feature non-human readable information that tells crawlers such as Google where to find all of the pages on the website.

Linear structure

  • A linear structure is one in which each page leads to another.
  • This is rarely used on it's own these days and is often used in combination with another structure.
  • In this form of navigation, the user moves from page to page

Hierarchal structure

  • A hierarchal structure is one in which the user can move from webpage to another without necessarily having go through others to get to it.
  • Hierarchal structures are far more common today.

Draw navigation structures for each of the following websites:


  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Currys PC World
  4. Samsung
  5. Microsoft
  6. Tesco


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11:06 | 30-05-2023
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