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Web Design and Development Revision

  1. Give examples for each of the following (they can be anything):
    1. CSS class
    2. CSS ID
    3. CSS property
    4. CSS rule
  2. For each of the following provide an example (they can be anything):
    1. Absolute path
    2. Relative path
    3. Internal link
    4. External link

Revision Questions

Some HTML and CSS are shown below:

Revision questions

<p class="main_content">
  Arthur is a <span class="important">chemistry</span> teacher
.main_content {
.important {
  color: #f06;

What colour would the word 'chemistry' be?

Answer the following questions:

  1. Which image file type supports full and partial transparency?
  2. Which image file type supports full transparency but not partial transparency?
  3. Which image file type supports no transparency but offers 24-bits colour depth and is ideal for photographs?

Revision questions

Answer the following questions:

  1. State the difference between end-user and functional requirements
  2. What is the name of the programming language used to add in onmouseover events?
  3. The following code is added to an image



What does this code do?

Revision questions

<p onclick=" = 'red';">Latest products</p>

Answer the following questions:

  1. State three ways in which a website can be tested.
  2. Videos on a website are often subject to copyright. State the law which covers copyright.
  3. A website has low-readability.
    1. Explain what is meant by readability
    2. Provide an example of how readability on a website could be low

Revision questions

Look closely at the image below. What is this an example of and why?

revision questions

Write the CSS for the following:

  1. Make all links colour #f06, font size 20 point and Arial.
  2. Change all elements with the class .big to be font size 40 pixels
  3. All images have a background colour that is white.

Revision questions

Write the HTML for the following:

  1. A link to Google
  2. A paragraph with an ID of big
  3. An image of dog.png
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