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Learning Intentions

  • Understand end-user and functional requirements of a website

Success Criteria

  • I can explain the user and functional requirements of a website

Website requirements

  • The analysis phase of Web design and development requires the
    web site designer to identify the end-user (also known as non-functional) and the functional requirements of the final website.

End-user requirements

  • The end-user is a person who ultimately will be using the website.

  • The developer should have a clear idea of who the end-user(s) are of a website.

  • Often the type of users can be grouped into categories such as:

    • Young children

    • Elderly 

    • Customers/clients

    • Employees

    • Inexperienced users or expert users

    • Users who require additional support to aid accessibility:

      • Screen readers

      • Voice recognition

End-user requirements

  • It's often easy to group users and sometimes it's fairly possible that users fall under many categories.

  • By categorising the end-users, it becomes clearer what needs to be in place for the users to successfully use an end product.

  • Often the developer will need to spend time with the client to figure out what end-user requirements must be accomplished in the finished product

End-user requirements

  • The tasks that the end-users should be able to carry out on the finished website are known as end-user requirements.

  • Sometimes end-user requirements actually inform the functional requirements of a website too.

Functional requirements

  • Functional requirements are requirements that describe what processes the system must be able to carry out.

  • Functional requirements also state what data/information or database the system must have access to

Identify two functional requirements from the information below:













Past Paper question

Identify two functional requirements from the information below:













Past Paper question

  • Any two from the following:
  • Upload activities
  • Set tasks
  • Allocate tasks to classes
  • Give marks for tasks
  • Sort view pupils by mark or name
  • View all marks for a class.

Work through the Analysis Tasks worksheet by identifying the end-user and functional requirements of up to three websites


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