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Using Databases

Learning Intentions

  • Understand why databases are used

  • Be able to use a database program

Success Criteria

  • I can create and use a database program such as Microsoft Access

Definition of a database

  • A database holds a structured set of data about a topic.
  • An example would be a staff database.
  • The next slide shows a table with staff details.
  • You can use a query to search and sort a database.

The structure of a table

Carrying out queries

Printing reports

Printing reports

This is important for N3+ Administration!

Your task

  • Create a database for the whole class. 
  • Create a table with several columns, one for their first name, one for their last name, one for their registration class, one for each of their subjects.
  • Add in several additional columns (such as their favourite colour, favourite food etc).

Your task

  • Open the Goldie Confectionery Ltd database
  • Please make the following changes to the database:
    • Tom Forrest has left the company – delete his record
    • Update Isla’s Extension Number to 598
    • A new member of staff has started – add her record

Kate Taylor


DOB: 22 September 2005

Extension: 550

Department: Marketing


Kate is a First Aider

Please can you printout the records for the Marketing Department

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Using Databases
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