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Marty's new Band

Learning Intentions

  • Develop a series of instructions that allow Marty to perform a task

Success Criteria

  • I can make a Marty Robot move a certain number of steps
  • I can explain why sequence is so important in computer programming

Update your blog with what you have enjoyed/learned in school this week.

Update your blog

Making Marty dance

  • Marty has now joined a band! 
  • Now that Marty has learned to dance, we're going to make him dance to music in the classroom but as part of a group.

The class task

  • Unlike last week, you're going to be working as a team to develop a dance sequence for Marty. 
  • The sequence should be about four minutes long. This sounds like a long time, but if you use blocks like loops you should be able to easily achieve four minutes.
  • You're going to be doing this as a class, so discuss with the other groups what your dance is going to look like

It's hip to be square

Lesson review

I can make Marty move and perform a simple action such as moving

I have configured Marty to perform a series of actions, following a sequence

I have configured Marty to perform a complex sequence of actions and have managed to get it to follow a sequence of instructions

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Marty's New Band
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06:26 | 22-07-2024
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