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Dancing Marty

Learning Intentions

  • Develop a series of instructions that allow Marty to perform a task

Success Criteria

  • I can make a Marty Robot move a certain number of steps
  • I can explain why sequence is so important in computer programming

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Making Marty dance

  • This lesson will be all about trying to get Marty to carry out a dance by following a series of instructions.
  • Remember back to Scratch we did a dance program where the order of the instructions was very important.
  • Get into your teams and collect your team's Chromebook.
  • Find your Marty Robot and load up Marty Blocks.

The Dance-Off

  • In this lesson you will be making Marty perform a dance. 
  • Your team will compete in a dance-off with the other teams, so the better your dance the more chance you have of getting this week's point.
  • Each person will have to decide which team (not including their own) is the best. The results will be tallied and the winning team will get the point.


  • You may use the                     block, but this cannot be your entire dance. 
  • Try out things like 


The first task today is to try and make your Marty dance using a sequence of blocks. Your teacher will judge the dances and decide on which one is the best.


You've got 35 minutes to do this.


Next lesson

The next task is a class task that will allow you to work together.


In this lesson we are going to collaborate and work together to make an amazing class dance!

Lesson review

I can make Marty move and perform a simple action such as moving

I have configured Marty to perform a series of actions, following a sequence

I have configured Marty to perform a complex sequence of actions and have managed to get it to follow a sequence of instructions

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Dancing Marty
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