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Baby Steps with Marty

Learning Intentions

  • Understand how programming skills can be applied elsewhere

Success Criteria

  • I can make a Marty Robot move a certain number of steps
  • I can explain why sequence is so important in computer programming

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What is this unit about?

  • This unit focuses on programming and the Marty Robot.
  • You will need to program it effectively and efficiently to be able to complete each task
  • You will program him in a similar manner to that of Scratch, but there is more emphasis on the sequence of the instructions than there is in Scratch!
  • You will also be assessed consistently throughout the class on your understanding of what you are writing (code understanding)

Robots have got very advanced (and creepy)

...and cute...or perhaps just weird

Create a page on your website called Robots.


Using the Internet, look up an existing robot (like Spot) and describe what it does.


Marty the Robot

  • Marty the Robot is a very neat little robot
  • He has many human-like features such as the ability to dance, move and much more
  • This unit will focus on programming Martys to do certain things
  • Much like Scratch, you will be programming your own project at the end.

The editor

The editor

Pick the Marty Blocks mode as you will not get a Marty Bot each and this allows you to program until you have one

The editor

Using the editor

  • When you are using the editor, there are a few things you need to know:
    • Whilst the design is similar to Scratch, it is not Scratch.
    • Any block with Marty's face next to it will work on the real-world Marty Robot and not on the editor version:

Getting started

  • Get in to 4 groups of 5 (no more and no less).
  • If someone is off, please ensure they are still a member of one of the groups.
  • Get a Chromebook for your group.

Getting started

  • In this lesson, you are going to be programming your Marty to follow instructions from your device. 
  • This lesson is a straightforward introduction to using Marty and controlling him. For this lesson you'll need to use blocks that you'll have come across in Scratch to control Marty.

Your task is to create a controller for Marty. You can then play about with the other features available through the editor.


You can find the lesson instructions at


Lesson review

I can make Marty move and perform a simple action such as moving

I have configured Marty to perform a series of actions, and to act when a button is pressed

I can configure Marty to follow instructions, and explain what each section of the code does

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Baby Steps with Marty
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