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Scratch Projects

Learning Intentions

  • Learn how to plan a project
  • Learn how to develop a project, understanding the capabilities and limitations of a piece of computer software (Scratch)

Success Criteria

  • I will be able to develop a project using Scratch, knowing the boundaries of the program

What this series of lessons is about

  • For the next few weeks, you will be building your own Scratch program without any instructions
  • The project will have to meet a certain set of requirements to obtain full marks and you should use all the time to develop your project.

Congratulations, you have finished all of the taught S1 Scratch course!

Project ideas


Pong is a very popular game to make in Scratch because it's quite easy to do. Pong is a simple two-player game where players control paddles to hit a ball back and forth.

Catch the fruit

A game where the player controls a basket or a character that needs to catch fruit falling from the sky. You could add different kinds of objects, some that give points and others that the player should avoid.

Maze runner

A maze game that the player has to navigate to reach the end. You can introduce obstacles, timers, and collectibles to make the game more engaging.

Space shooter

A game where the player controls a spaceship and has to shoot down incoming asteroids or enemies. You can add upgrades for the ship, different enemy types, and boss fights.

Before you build your project...

  • In the industry, before anyone builds a project, ideas are written down on a whiteboard and picked out. 
  • The idea that is picked is then refined or fleshed-out.
  • Finally, the project is broken down into sizeable chunks that allow the developer to see clearly what they want to achieve. 

What your project needs

  • Use at least 2 variables
  • Include one loop
  • Include one condition
  • Include at least one event
  • Include one motion feature
  • Include a victory and/or loss condition.

Research some projects (for example, from the Scratch website) or look book at those you have already been made.

Decide on a project you want to build and complete the worksheet on Google Classroom.

Start to plan and build your project


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Scratch Projects
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10:11 | 25-07-2024
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