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Talking Cats

Learning Intentions

  • Learn how to make two characters speak to each other

  • Learn how to prevent characters speaking over each other

  • Learn about sequence in a computer program

Success Criteria

  • I can construct a conversation in Scratch

  • I can explain the importance of the wait block in Scratch

  • I can explain why the order of blocks is very important in Scratch

What you will be learning

  • In this lesson you will learn how to make a simple conversation between two or more characters.

Event-driven design

  • Scratch is an event-driven programming language
  • This means that in order for Scratch to do something, an event needs to get triggered (or happen)

The say block

  • The 'say' block is used to make our characters talk.
  • Just like an actual conversation, the say block is designed to speak for a certain length of time. 

A conversation - what's going wrong?!

A conversation

  • In this lesson you will learn how to use the wait block. This allows us to make our sprites wait until the other sprite has finished speaking and prevent them from speaking over each other (which is rude and disrespectful).

Work through Lesson 2.


For this lesson, make sure that you make the conversation interesting as well as appropriate. You can include jokes to make the conversation more enjoyable.


Extension task: Try adding sounds to your sprites so that when they talk they play a sound. Grab some headphones before trying out sounds!


I have made my character talk to another character who responds

Lesson review

I have developed an interesting conversation between two or more characters

I have developed an interesting conversation between two or more characters that lasts a few minutes

Presentation Overview

In this lesson pupils will learn about the importance of sequence and order of instructions in computer programming. This lesson will give pupils the ability to be creative and create their own conversations between two or more sprites.

For an extension task, ask the pupils to add in additional characters to their conversations, or for those more interested in testing out input, they could try making a conversation with the user of the game.

Talking Cats
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06:30 | 22-07-2024
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