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Fake News

Learning Intentions

  • Research the Internet and find an article on a topic

  • Extract information from an article

Success Criteria

  • Research the internet for a topic and present it in an eye-catching manner

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  • Today you are going to carry out research for your website. 
  • Your research will be on a specific piece of news and you will need to present your own research by looking at several articles across the Internet
  • Your research should include images, pictures and graphs to show what you are trying to convey.

Why are we learning this?

  • This topic is such an important part of every day life.
  • Being able to decide whether news is fake or genuine is an important skill to have, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to do this.

What is fake news?

  • The Internet is full of fake news ranging from things like the the Pope endorsing Donald Trump for president to things that suggest that people should buy a product.
  • Fake new can be damaging or hurtful, but also misleading. In general it is dangerous.
  • It's very important to be able to detect and know when to ignore news that is made up.


  • Consider four key elements when evaluating information.
    • Current – is it up to date?  Does it say when it was created or updated?
    • Reliable – is there an author?  If so are they real/credible
    • Accurate – how does the information differ from other sites, where does the information come from?
    • Purpose – what is the purpose of the site, what else might they have in mind for the site

Which of the following are credible sources of information?


  1. Facebook
  2. BBC News
  3. US Government
  4. Twitter
  5. The Guardian newspaper
  6. Instagram


Which of the following are credible sources of information?


  1. Facebook
  2. BBC News
  3. US Government
  4. Twitter
  5. The Guardian newspaper
  6. Instagram









Which one is fake?

The International Space Station (ISS) announced plans to host the first interstellar art exhibition, featuring works from artists around the galaxy. 

Connor Bedard, the Chicago Blackhawks' rookie center and the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, has been placed on injured reserve with a fractured jaw. 

Former President Donald Trump, at a rally in Mason City, Iowa, called on his supporters to monitor polling places during this year's election.

North Korea wins the world cup

On your Google Sites

On your website create a section called Lessons. Under it create a page called a subpage called Fake News. Choose an appropriate picture and put it at the top of the section.

On your Fake News page on your site. You are going to look up three pieces of news. You are going to summarise them into a page on your website. Give them each headings.


Modify one of them and turn it in to fake news. 


Next, reorder your news so that it's not obvious which one is the fake news.


Get another pupil in the class to look at all of your news and figure out which one is fake.


Also on your Fake News page.


On the page:

  1. Describe what the term fake news means (using maximum of 100 words)
  2. Give examples of what fake news has been spread (using a maximum of 300 words)
  3. Describe what you think are the risks of fake news (using maximum of 300 words)
  4. Conclude by stating how you can look out for fake news


Lesson review

I can describe what fake news is and can provide examples of it

I can describe what fake news is and the risks associated with it

I can describe what fakes new is, the risk associated with it and how to look out for it

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Fake News
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