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An introduction to Scratch

Learning Intentions

  • Learn how to use Scratch, including setting up a new project

  • Understand the idea of an event in computer science

Success Criteria

  • I can open a new Scratch project on the Scratch editor
  • I can explain what an event is

What you will be learning

  • In this section of the course you will be learning how to develop computer games and animations using Scratch.
  • Many of you will have already used Scratch in primary school or at home.

How you will complete this unit

  • The lessons are based around S1 Computer Science: Scratching the Surface book where you will find your activities.

What can Scratch do?

  • Scratch was developed to make computer programming more available to everyone. It makes it very easy to build your own game or animation. 
  • Much like any other computer program, Scratch works by following instructions which are created by a computer programmer (that's going to be you!)

What can scratch do?

Problem solving

  • Throughout this unit you will develop problem solving skills. Having problem solving skills is useful in mathematical subjects such as science and computing and having these skills helps you develop computational thinking.

Scratch editor

Work through Lesson 1 from the Scratch booklet.


Make a sprite (or up to three sprites) of your own but ensure that they are interesting. Try making additional costumes for them.


Presentation Overview
This is a gentle introduction to Scratch that introduces the pupils to using the Scratch editor (which a lot of them will already have experienced) as well as using sprites. The lesson should encourage all pupils to play about with the editor and create their own sprites.
S1 Computing :: Scratch programming :: An introduction to Scratch
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07:14 | 13-08-2022
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