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File and folder management


Starter task

Learning Intentions

  • Understand how to organise files and folders

Success Criteria

  • I can organise my files and folders in an effective manner

What do we know about folder management?

  • Using folders helps us to group similar files together
  • Name your folders in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand
  • Create subfolders inside your main folders to further organise your files
  • Use descriptive and specific names when saving files
  • Keep your files and folders tidy and avoid cluttering your desktop
  • Regularly delete files that you no longer need
  • Back up important files to a separate device or cloud storage to avoid losing them

Organising the House Folder

  1. Create a main folder on your device called "House".

  2. Inside the "House" folder, create two subfolders called "Downstairs" and "Upstairs".

  3. Inside each of the subfolders, create subfolders for each room in your house (e.g., "Kitchen," "LivingRoom," "Bedroom," etc.).

  4. Find pictures of at least 3 items from each room in your house and save them to the appropriate subfolder.

  5. Make sure the names of the picture files are clear and specific (e.g., "Kitchen-cooker.jpg").

Add those photos

  • Find and add photos of items in these rooms and put them into your folders

Lesson review

I can save a file and put it in a folder

I can create a folder structure which is made up of several subfolders that make organising my files much easier.

I can organise my files into subfolders that make logical sense

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File and Folder Management
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05:05 | 22-07-2024
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