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Unlocking the Digital World

Learning Intentions

  • Understand that the world of computer science is vast!

Success Criteria

  • I have a better understanding of what computer science means

What is computing?





Problem solving




Computing and technology is always changing

Computing is everywhere!

  • Computing is everywhere!

  • We use computers for everything these days - from the computers powering the Internet to the computer you may have in your pocket (or bag) or even on your wrist!

  • And that's not going to change - in fact there'll be even more computers in the future!

  • Let's try and name a couple of computers that we use on a regular basis!

Today's first activity

  • Using the piece of paper in front of you, draw what you think computer science means today. You could draw a picture of a computer or a robot - it's entirely up to you.
  • On the back of the paper, draw what you think the world of computer science will look like in 50 years time.


You have 15 minutes to do this

Your future in computing?

Web Development

Graphics Design

Robotics Engineering

Games Design

App Development




  1. Open up Google Slides.
  2. On your title slide, put the words
    "What I can do with computing skills"
  3. Using the Internet, find 2 different jobs that you can get in computing/computer science.
  4. Put a short summary of each job on your slideshow, each on a different slide
  5. Include pictures to make it more interesting

Computing is the best subject of all!

The world of computing is vast and exciting, and you can be a part of it! Keep learning and exploring!

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Unlocking the Digital World
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19:29 | 23-05-2024
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