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Computer Games Development

Learning Intentions

  • Understand what a video game is

Success Criteria

  • I can explain what a video game is

Course Overview

There are three units:

  • Design
  • Media assets
  • Development


The course is quite heavy on writing to show your understanding and you will need to complete a lot of tasks using software such as PowerPoint or Word before you can pass the course.

Towards the middle of the course there is a more development oriented part in which you will begin to develop a game.

What games do you play?

What exactly is a 'video game'?

  • In pairs, discuss what the term 'video game' means to you.

Wikipedia's definition

A video game or computer game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device – such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, or motion sensing device – to generate visual feedback. This feedback is shown on a video display device, such as a TV set, monitor, touchscreen, or virtual reality headset

Create a Word document about your top five favourite games of all time. Ensure you include pictures and give detailed descriptions of your games and why you enjoy them.


When you have finished it, submit it to your teacher who will give you feedback.


Warcraft III

Warcraft III is my favourite game of all time, I have well over 3,000 hours on it. 

A standard game of Warcraft III focuses on micromanagement of spell casters and heroes, carrying across several role-play-game elements such as hero levelling up and spell customisation as well as item use. Heroes generally lead armies. The game also encompasses several strategy elements that make the game resemble a more traditional strategy game, including unit training and construction of bases.

Warcraft III does however, also offer a built-in WorldEditor feature which allows you to make custom maps or even completely new game styles in the game. For example, DOTA actually started as a Warcraft III map before being bought and transformed into a standalone game.

The WorldEditor also allows you to create triggers which are small pieces of code that allow you to do many powerful things.

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