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Technology and our health

Has technology had a positive or a negative impact on our health?

Technology has improved healthcare

  • New technologies such as CT and MRI scanning are data demanding and would be impossible without technology of today
  • Expert systems can help doctors diagnose a patient and ensure they make the right decisions
  • Robotic pharmacies make selecting the correct drugs easy
  • The web provides lots of great tools for finding out what's wrong with you.
    • The Pew Internet and American Life Project discovered that 38% of Americans took care of issues themselves after diagnosing themselves on the Internet in 2013
  • Doctors can share information over the internet.

We have more information available

Cheaper technology means better availability

  • Neuroprosthetics such as cochlear implants, retinal cameras and motorised limbs are not only possible, but widely available thanks to cheaper technology

Smart watches.

  • Smart watches have revolutionised the way we monitor our health
  • They are cheap and available to everyone
  • They can now monitor SPO2, heart rate and fitness levels

The risks

  • Studies have shown a link between radio waves and reactions in living organisms
  • Other studies have shown that radio waves can lead to cancer
  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a common problem in workplaces

The risks

  • Depression due to a lack of exercise brought on by using computers is very common in the workplace, and an increase in depression is linked to increased use of computers at work

Technology has been good.

On one side technology has been a real positive and has helped improve healthcare.

Technology carries risks and dangers.

But it's not without risks and dangers that we need to evaluate.

Technology has both pros and cons and is a double headed coin.

Thanks for listening

(Feel free to ask questions now)

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Technology And Our Health
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07:43 | 21-05-2024
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