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Hi there. I'm an Computing Science teacher in Scotland.

A bit about me

My name is Jamie Balfour. I'm a Computing Science teacher in East Lothian, Scotland. I was formerly a computer software developer and web developer in my previous professions. I continued these trades and I continue to be a software and web developer with my own development company.

I currently teach Computing/Computing Science in Midlothain, Scotland.

How I tutor differently

After developing one of my company's clients websites which was designed for online tutoring, I decided that I could probably do the same myself. My tutoring service differs from other services in that I give you access to a bunch of online materials to support our one-to-one sessions.

My tutoring system allows you to book a time for your lesson online.

My current fee is £25/hour and I will dedicate my time to only one pupil once a week (I can meet others at the weekends).

If you are interested in my services, please get in touch.

Where I tutor

I currently only tutor in East Lothian, but I am happy to arrange online/digital blended learning sessions too.