Website structure


Write down two things that makes a good user interface

Learning Intentions

  • Understand the idea of site structure and how important it is to get it right

  • Understand the concept of a sitemap and how to create one

Success Criteria

  • I can explain the concept of site structure
  • I can build a sitemap of a given website

The World Wide Web and the Internet

  • The Internet is a collection of computers and servers connected together. The Internet can be used to share files including music, videos and photos as well as computer programs.
  • The Internet also is built up of servers called web servers which host webpages.
  • The world wide web (WWW or W3) is a platform in which we build webpages and host files that will be available on the Internet.

Accessing files or webpages on the Internet

  • To access a file or webpage on the Internet we use something called a URL or Uniform Resource Locator.
    Most websites are built up of many webpages that are linked together using hyperlinks.
    Navigation bars, featured on most websites, often use links to other webpages on the website.


A URL can give us a lot about a website’s structure:



  • When a website designer/developer first looks at what a client requires them to build, one of the first steps that the designer/developer takes is developing a map of all the pages, often this is done on paper.
  • This is called a sitemap.


There are two kinds of navigation structures:

  • Linear
    • E.g. page 1 goes to page 2 and page 2 goes to page 3 etc
  • Hierarchical
    • Main navigation bar goes to any page on the site

Hierarchical sitemap

Linear sitemap

  1. Complete the Site Map task worksheet.
  2. Build a site map for one of the following websites:


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