Video game input devices

Learning Intentions

  • Understand what input devices are and how they differ and are like those found with regular computer systems

  • Understand the concept of interaction

  • Be able to list input devices commonly found with games consoles


Success Criteria

  • I can explain what an input device is, particularly in relation to games consoles
  • I can provide examples of input devices used for interaction with video games

Input devices

  • An input device is a piece of hardware that attaches to a computer system. In broad terms, an input device to a computer provides feedback to the computer system.

  • An example of an input device to a computer system is a mouse.

Input devices

  • An input device provides feedback to the computer system. For example, a mouse may give back data that allows the computer to figure out how far it has moved (x and y positional data)
    Input devices send the data back as a voltage, the computer can then translate this into data that it can understand.

List as many input devices as you can

List as many input devices that a computer system might use other than a mouse as you can.
You will be feeding these back to the class afterwards

Input devices

  • We’re now going to carry out a class discussion on some of the input devices.
  • Feedback on the devices that you have listed and what they are used for.
  • Which devices have you listed that would act as an interaction device?

Interaction with computer games

Computer games use input devices to allow the player to interact with the game. With traditional games consoles these are really just controllers or game pads.

But given time, these controllers have transformed from being these traditional game pads to something far more interesting...

How many controllers can you identify?

xBOX 360


PlayStation 2


Nintendo 64

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo Wii

Create a presentation about 10 different input devices used by games consoles.
Create a slide for each different input device and provide:

  • A picture of the device
  • The console the device is associated with
  • Some of the features of the device
  • Reason(s) as to why the device was successful or not.
  • Some of the features that make that input device unique

Don’t just stick to the usual ones - find more obscure devices



  1. Put headphones on and listen to the 3D barber shop to hear what is meant by 3D sound in preparation for the next lesson.

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